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"I started using the Spend Successfully system early this year and it has really helped kick start my financial independence. I wanted to figure out a good system that would work for me not just now, but in the future. I am still working out the kinks but I have set up my accounts to work how I want them to work instead of trying to listening to some guru who doesn't know me. I am excited to continue to work on my finances and implement even more Spend Successfully approaches. Anyone who wants to get control of your finances and find a system that works for you, why not try it!!"

Ashley F.

"Before Spend Successfully, I wanted to get out of debt and manage my finances so that I could retire someday, but I wasn’t sure where to start. After my first meeting with Mike, I learned where to start. His system is straightforward and easy to follow. We discussed the harder, behavioral aspect of spending more than I have and tips to keep from falling back into old habits. He is understanding and guides you through your concerns and common misperceptions. I highly recommend Spend Successfully to anyone that wants to get their finances back on track and those who want to keep it on track. Having Spend Successfully on my team makes me feel confident that I can attain my goals, not only is Mike great to work with, he provides a framework in which to be accountable to. Thanks Mike"

Patty Y.

"My wife and I lived a lie.  We were working as hard as we could and spending as carefully as possible yet our credit card debt was growing at an astonishing rate.  It was demoralizing.  I had always laughed at the idea of having a balance on my cards.  I would joke with my friends about how nice it was for the credit card companies to give us so many free things when they were not making any money off of us.  Eventually I was checking my balances almost daily to see what card we could use.  That is a place I never want to go again.  I fact I was willing to do what ever I had to do.....even.... ask for help.

My wife was always good with money.  I am a binge spender.  I will save really well until we have money in the bank and then I will go buy a toy.  These purchases felt good at first and then there would be terrible remorse.  I would want to hide how much I spent.  My wife and I started to grow more and more distant.  There was so much tension revolving around our financial situation.  We had tried, what seemed like, everything to try to solve our problem.  We tried cutting up credit cards, not spending on personal things, make regular budgets, carrying cash, not carrying cash and just about every thing else we could imagine.  Again and again something would come up that would put us behind.  One day I was turned down at a local business with my credit card.  Mortified, I knew that we had to do something.

We called Mike!  The whole idea of letting someone else tell me how to spend money was embarrassing to think about.  I was dreading our appointment, thinking, "We are going to have to do so many dramatic things".  In reality the experience was so much more comfortable than I expected.  First of all, Mike did not pass judgment or make me feel in any way uncomfortable,  Secondly, he was really able to help both my wife and I to find common ground.  The plan of action was quite manageable.

The results we have had are amazing.  Most importantly, it feels like my wife and I are moving in the same direction.  I feel like an enormous weight has been lifted.  Before meeting with Mike, it felt like I was fighting a battle that I was so sure I would win only to loose again and again and again.  Now it feels like we have a way to put us in the best possible position to be successful.  I have to admit that, for the first time that I can remember, I actually like sticking with a financial plan.  When the student is ready the teacher appears.  I am extremely glad that our teacher is Mike."

Pete H.

*We will never spam or give out your contact information!