Debt Is Not The Problem!!!

In the first eleven years of our marriage, Natalie and I added an average of $5,000 of credit card debt each year (yes, 11 X $5,000 = $55,000 in debt!).  No matter how much income we had, we STILL added $5,000 of debt.

At the beginning of every year we’d tell ourselves, “This is our year to get out of debt!” Yet every year we continued to add more debt.

After all this time a thought hit me across the forehead like a baseball bat:

“Debt is not the problem!”

Credit card debt is only a symptom of

  • low or no savings
  • no control over spending
  • no plan for managing money

The real problem was our behavior.  No matter how hard we tried – until we understood our behavior – the debt would never go away.

First we had to…

  1. Get clear about where we were financially. (Sign up on our email list to get our free worksheet and video training!)
  2. Get power over spending. (Click here to get Our Secret Sauce!)
  3. Develop strategies to start saving money. (Click here to learn How To Save Money.)

Today our passion is to help you conquer the debt, spending and savings challenges like we did so you can live a successful financial lifestyle.  We’ve developed REAL solutions that work for real people and we want to share them with you!  Click the links above to find out more!

-Mike Hixson


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