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Are your personal finances not what you wish they were?

Wouldn't you love to spend less time keeping track of where your money goes? Or maybe you would just like to know where your money went!

Maybe there is an endless push and pull between the  "spender" and "saver" in your relationship.

Do you feel like you're stuck in a financial fog?

It's time to learn to live on a budget... right?

Many financial gurus would like you to think so!

But that's not the whole story.  Here's the problem, budgets are all about the numbers and keeping track. They take lots of time and energy and don't always get results.  Natalie and I found that our solution had nothing to do with the numbers. We had to start looking at our financial behavior.  What were the skills, habits, emotions, experiences, feelings, and goals that all combined to make us who we were financially? We had vastly different experiences with money when growing up and that made us very different individuals when it came to dealing with money!

The good news is we designed a simple system to manage our bills and spending that anyone can do!  It accounts for the fact that two unique individuals come into a relationship with different expectations and goals. Since we started this system ourselves, we stopped adding debt, started saving money, and can finally communicate effectively about our finances.

Sound interesting?

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About Mike and Natalie:

Our financial trouble started on the cruise ship on our honeymoon.  I was freaking out about all the money we were spending and Natalie called her mom and dad to find out if we would be okay.

That phone call set up the pattern for the next 10 years of our marriage.  I was always stressing out about money and she was always calling mom and dad to fix it.  No matter how much money we made it was never enough.  As soon as we made a little more money it was always spent on something new we wanted.

As the years went by, things looked great on the outside. We had a new house and a new car. I had a good paying jobs and anyone would have thought we were very successful.  But the numbers were killing us.  Every attempt to budget failed. We had no control over our spending.

Since we couldn't budget and I thought it was the only solution, I resigned myself to the fact that we were on the road to financial ruin.  All I could think was that I wished someone else would just do all the budgeting for us and just tell us what we had left to spend.

Have you ever wished someone else would just manage your personal finances for you?

Then we discovered our Spend Successfully Solution: separate your spending from paying your bills.  I mean physically separate the two into two different bank accounts.  First, decide how much money is ok to spend in a month, then deposit it into your Spending Account.  When your spending money is gone, IT'S GONE!  It changes how you think about your spending and it becomes impossible to overspend.

By using this simple tactic, you can start to get the same results you expect from a budget in way less time!

Since Natalie and I made these simple changes we stopped overspending, stopped adding debt and can FINALLY communicate about our money.  In fact, we're so excited about the changes in our life, we've committed ourselves to teaching others to do the same.

Now, I haven't showed you everything you need to know to manage a budget and spending in only 30 minutes a month.  But that's the first step!

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